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This is a first effort at creating a blog, so bear with me. Internet technology remains something of a mystery to me.
Recently, I attended a high school graduation for a family member and was struck by a few things………….mostly the excitement and anticipation of the graduates. It occurs to me that, for them, the world is wide open. I came to recognize that at 17 or 18, it usually is, but wondered if it feels that way to those of us well into adult life.
In my work, and in life, I see many people who describe themselves as just getting through the day, doing much the same most of the time, not really connected to the reasons for what they do. Priorities end up being rituals or habits, rather than an active, daily statement of what matters to them.
At 17, what mattered to you? Friends, family, love, fun, new experiences, learning, money, work or vocation, health, spirituality, contributing to the world ………..? At insert age here (50, for me), what matters to you? Much the same? Have some things fallen off the list? Others taken over, to the extent that the rest barely register? I think at 17, most people put some energy into most of those priorities. I think down the road, we sometimes stop doing so. Don’t get me wrong – I know there’s always a reason this happens.
My point is that if we drift away from awareness of what matters, we can lose momentum and put most of our energy into just getting by. Take some time to think about something that you haven’t given attention to lately – maybe fun or new experiences – and imagine what would happen if you gave just a little energy and a little time (maybe 15 minutes a day) into creating some of that. This is not a big project, just a little experiment, a nudge. I’m not suggesting a big commitment – we all know what happens to New Year’s resolutions.
If you’re cynical, don’t try to change that, just set it aside for 15 minutes and see what happens. If something arises that interests you, feel free to comment back to me. Maybe I’ll blog about it, for sure I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts. In the meantime, take a deep breath, step outside, enjoy the day. I’ll be back.