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Critical Thinking……..

Lately, I’ve been observing a lot of criticism…….of politicians, of organizations, of people in the news, of the weather (well not so bad the past week since we’ve been having a lovely fall season), of family, neighbours and friends, and on and on. Some of it is that we don’t like change, and some of it that we wish something would change. The end result is that moods are set…..generally in the negative direction.

How often do we comment on what we like or appreciate, or look for what works rather than what doesn’t work.  I’m struggling with this new blog platform (is that what it’s called? Nevermind, I’ve switched to wordpress with no little difficulty)  and am finding it easy to get caught up in what I can’t yet figure out. But, you know, I  can spread my thoughts out to the universe for free, yes without any cost except for my time and energy, which are going to go somewhere anyways, so why not enjoy that I get a finished product. Bonus is that just maybe I have a chance to impact someone’s day.

So today, I’m not going to examine the reasons for criticism, rather want to encourage you to listen to your criticisms and decide what they do for you. If they help you to make a decision, great, but then make the positive, affirmative decision the focus of your energy. If they just dampen the mood, look for what you can appreciate, talk about what you like, what you want not what you don’t. Pick something you can enjoy and do more of it. I plan on that.