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Help, my phone is talking to me! Thanks, RIM, for the gift, but now what do I do with it? Just one more voice to listen to and convince myself I should be doing something other than what I’m doing … Continue reading

Are the details making you crazy?

I’ve let time go by too quickly recently………for example, my plan to blog weekly has gotten away from me. Truth is that I’ve been letting some things I want to do and enjoy take a back seat to…………the details that are making me crazy! Perhaps not literally, but you know what I mean…………creating a mental list with details to check on, calls to make, stuff to finish………..and then not actually accomplishing much of it. Coming into the holiday season I have visions of warmth in front of a fire, visits, good food and company, sharing the very best gifts with special people, relaxing and enjoying peace and joy. But, like many others, at least a few of those pleasures require some doing.

There are some real factors which make this a difficult time of year to feel on top of things – driving and otherwise getting out and about just takes longer, plans change or get squashed into time frames that are not ideal, places to do business are busier. For me, lately, throw in a few extras like waiting for service people, finding out that the simple car service requires extra time (so no transportation for catching up a few errands) several extra people to deal with on some insurance matters, and finding that items I believed would be available aren’t. The result is that, for me at least, my pride in thinking I’m flexible and adaptable takes a bit of a beating.

Enough about that…………..I’m not writing this blog to complain, and in fact, as I write, some of the extra tension is fading away. Having had to relinquish control (illusory at best, anyways!), I’m able to turn attention to something that brings me pleasure. Come to think of it, the relaxation started earlier, when, temporarily without transportation, I walked home in the twilight. With only the clear air to feel around me and a snowy hillside to make my way down, I had no capacity to take care of tasks, so was able to let myself just enjoy the time. Some of that time included reflecting on what a wise friend shared with me earlier when I was fretting about details. The precise words escape me at the moment, but the gist of it was “When something isn’t working out as you expected, believe it to be a blessing you don’t yet know the meaning of”.  At the time, I confess I was pre-occupied with my irritations, and couldn’t imagine what sort of blessing the events of the day could be. So, Carrie, if you’re reading this, thanks! As the evening turned out, I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of rushing to pick up my car, stopping to pick up stuff at various stores, maybe finding crowded roads and shops stressful, and getting home late and hungry. Instead, I enjoyed a lovely winter’s evening walk, made a nice dinner, and sat down to write. Whatever needs fixing, doing, buying and organizing, can just wait til another day.

My advice to you, or perhaps encouragement, is to accept  that sometimes you can’t make things go the way you had planned. Persistence, tenacity and organization can be very good qualities, but if you let them have free rein, you might just miss some things that are good and healthy. If you’re finding yourself caught up in your mental lists, try writing them down then putting them away for a bit. Looking at the list tomorrow may actually give you some perspective on what is actually important and allow you to relinquish a few non-essentials and put your energy into what you can accomplish and feel pleased with. The holiday season is traditionally a time to rest, celebrate, share and rejuvenate. If that includes gift giving, decorating and hosting, don’t forget why you are doing those things. If your efforts don’t reach perfection this year, consider that a blessing. I don’t know what kind of blessing it will be for you, but I do believe that if you make room for it, it will be there.