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Can you make a difference?

Happy New Year to all! I’ve been studiously avoiding making a resolution to blog more often, so the end result is that it bugs me at the back of my mind on a regular basis. Not enough, mind you, to actually act on it, but………………enough of that, I was inspired yesterday to get started again by another blog http://www.rileylymebegone.blogspot.com/. Riley is the 17 year old son of a friend, who has been suffering for more than a year now, with what is now known to be Lyme Disease. Please read his blog – I can’t do justice here to the tragic, painful and debilitating road this young man has followed.

As I read Riley’s story and linked to other reports and stories, I was struck at the loving and gentle persistence of his family and other families in the face of circumstances most of us cannot imagine. Even more so by the importance of kindnesses and contributions of a community who surround them. If you’ve followed my blog, you probably know that I believe that how we respond to those around us is something that we can do to make a difference in the world. Do you have a neighbour or a friend who could use a kind word, a bit of practical help, a bit of whimsy to lighten a moment? Can you simply believe when you hear of someone’s troubles, that they’re doing the best they can right now? What would it take to step beyond our often self-imposed silence to ask if another needs some help?

In the face of overwhelming odds, Riley’s family are continuing on, fighting to get him the help he needs. They and countless others could succumb to despair, and I suspect sometimes momentarily do just that. But then they go on. Maybe as you read this, you will feel moved to help families like them. Or maybe, you’ll remember someone with a different challenge you’d like to support. Or perhaps you’ll just reflect on what good fortune you have, and treat those who have less with a bit more kindness. Any of that answers the question – yes, you can make a difference.